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קול קורא // לפרקים לספר: מחקרים באתיקה ומוסר של מכונות (אנגלית) דדליין לתקצירים=1.1.20

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Call for Chapters: Handbook of Research on Machine Ethics and Morality

Please note that I am desirous of participation from scholars in the humanities working on these topical research interests from a humanities perspective, and am especially interested in additional submissions on related topics beyond ethics of autonomous vehicles, though those proposals are still welcome, also. Query me in advance of your formal proposal submission, if desired.

This second CFP is for a reference book dedicated to expert research topics, and analyses of ethics-related inquiry, at the machine ethics and morality level: key players, benefits, problems, policies, and strategies. Gathering some of the leading voices that recognize and understand the complexities and intricacies of human-machine ethics early on in this phenomenon provides a resourceful compendium to be accessed by decision-makers and theorists concerned with identification and adoption of human-machine ethics initiatives, leading to needed policy adoption and reform.

Recommended Topics

Machine ethics
Machine morality
Machines in society
Moral machines
Machine sentience
Future technologies
Human enhancement technologies
Artificial Intelligence
AI design
AI ethics
AI rights
AI regulation
Automation ethics
Cyborg ethics
Engineering ethics
Human-machine ethics
Surveillance machine ethics
Drone ethics
Facial recognition ethics
Machines and identity
Ethics for machines and big data
Machine privacy and security ethics
Machine ethics case studies
Robot ethics
Robot regulation
Robot rights
Robot trust
Robot soldiers
Sex robots
Killer robots
Self-driving cars
Trusting technology
Machine ethics and philosophy
Machines and techophilia
Machines and technophobia
Machines and technotopia
Machine ethics in business
Machine ethics in health and medicine
Machine ethics in culture and society
Human machines and their discontents
Dystopian machines
Ethics and machines of war


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