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Ethics in Society Postdoctoral Fellowships, 2020-2021

For 2020-21, the McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society seeks to appoint up to two postdoctoral fellows. Selected fellows will be designated as either General Ethics Fellows or Interdisciplinary Ethics Fellows. The two types of fellows have some distinct training opportunities and responsibilities, but they form a common community at the Center and participate together in the Center’s intellectual life. The programs are described in detail below. All applicants will be considered for both types of fellowships and do not need to tailor their application for one or the other fellowship.

General Ethics Fellowship

Some selected fellows will be part of our longstanding postdoctoral program that is open to candidates with substantial normative research in any area within philosophy or political science. For 2020-21, we are especially interested in candidates with research interests in inequality, global justice, and environmental ethics, but we welcome all applicants with strong normative interests. Applicants must have normative training and hold a Ph.D. in philosophy or political science. Scholars with a Ph.D. in Law will also be considered so long as their work focuses on ethical dimensions of public policy or law. General Ethics Fellows participate in the intellectual life of the Center for Ethics in Society (attend weekly workshops; events; professional training opportunities), teach one class per year, interact with undergraduates in the Ethics in Society Program, and contribute to an interdisciplinary ethics community across the campus.

Interdisciplinary Ethics Fellowship

2020-21 will be the fifth year of this fellowship program at the Center, and the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) will be a partner center again this year. The program is rooted in the commitment of the Center for Ethics in Society to bringing ethical reflection to bear on pressing social problems. Addressing many of these social problems involves knowledge of the work of social science, law, engineering, and the life sciences. The premise of this program is that the normative scholarship of our fellows will be enhanced by engagement with empirically-oriented scholars. To that end, each fellow in the program will be matched with a partner research center at Stanford that is dedicated to … READ MORE
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Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA
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