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הזדמנות // משרה: מרצה להיסטוריה של הכלכלה [לונדון] דדליין=22.9.19

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Lecturer in Economic History

he Department of Political Economy (DPE) is undergoing a further significant expansion as part of its mission to offer a broad-based interdisciplinary research and teaching space which brings the study of economics and politics closer together. The department is committed to theoretical and methodological pluralism and is based on an inclusive interdisciplinary vision. We welcome applicants for these posts from all candidates who share that vision and who will contribute to its broader diversity.

The Department of Political Economy invites applications for a Lectureship in Economic History. We encourage applications from candidates who can deliver research-led teaching in any branch of economic history. Candidates should be able to contribute to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and ideally have a demonstrated ability to teach in other related areas of economics (e.g. applied econometrics, macroeconomics or history of economic thought).

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