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קול קורא // למאמרים (כתב עת): "דייאר" כתב עת ללימודים עות'מאניים, תורכיים ומזרח תיכוניים - גיליון שני [אנגלית, גרמנית, צרפתית] דדליין לטקסט מלא=15.10.19

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Diyâr. Journal of Ottoman, Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies

Diyâr is a new, interdisciplinary and interregional academic journal edited by the Society of Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish Studies (GTOT). It deals with Turkey, the Ottoman Empire and its successor states, Iran, Central Asia and the Caucasus. It also publishes research on the languages, cultures and history of various Turkic and Iranian­-speaking groups, dynasties and states as well as of other ethnolinguistic and religious groups living in these countries until the present day.

Diyâr publishes original and as yet unpublished contributions from the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences with emphasis on the fields of history, literary studies, sociolinguistics, political science, sociology, economics, cultural anthropology/ethnology, religious studies, music studies, cultural geography, education and law.

Articles for its second issue may be submitted until October 15th, 2019. Please send your paper (60,000 characters, including spaces and footnotes) and an abstract (150-200 words) with a list of (up to) 6 keywords to Tabea Becker-Bertau (diyar@ergon-verlag.de).

Diyâr accepts contributions written in German, English and French


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