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הזדמנות // משרה/ות: מרצים/ות ביהדות רבנית [שיקגו] דדליין=15.9.19

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Rabbinic Judaism (open rank)

The University of Chicago Divinity School seeks scholar(s) for one or more positions in the study of Rabbinic Judaism for an appointment date of July 1, 2020.  Rank and salary are open.  We welcome applications at the assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor rank.

Applicants should possess broad knowledge of the Rabbinic period and literature as well as expertise in the languages essential to the field and relevant to the candidate’s research agenda. Strong applicants will demonstrate knowledge of the Roman, Sasanian, and early Islamic imperial contexts in which Rabbinic literature developed. Candidates are expected to have the interest and ability to engage in interdisciplinary conversations with other scholars of religion and in other fields and areas within the University.


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University of Chicago Divinity School, East 58th Street, שיקגו, אילינוי, ארצות הברית
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