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הזדמנות // מלגה: דוקטורט - מימון בר קיימא בבנקאות מרכזית [קופנהגן] דדליין=1.8.19

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PhD in Sustainable Finance in Central Banking

The Department of Organization at Copenhagen Business School invites applications for a vacant PhD scholarship within the field of central bank expertise and sustainable finance. The scholarship has a special focus on how the experts of systemically important central banks integrate climate change into their expertise and activities, how they coordinate with each other on this issue in transnational settings and, finally, how they coordinate with the financial sector with a view to normalizing sustainable investment. We are interested in a PhD project that 1) conducts qualitative and quantitative research across several central banks of systemic importance to global finance in order to better understand the spectrum of reactions to climate change among central bank experts and 2) theorizes the distinctive nature of the emerging sustainable finance regime and the place that central bank expertise has within it. We encourage applications that address these themes within the fields of political economy, organisational sociology, and public administration. The PhD student will benefit from the strong expertise within the Department of Organization on financial governance in general and central banking in particular, as well as in the relevant quantitative and ethnographic methods for studying these practitioners. The political economy group provides a robust research community with regular meetings and an active mentorship tradition.
The Department of Organization (IOA) pursues a problem-oriented, business in society approach to understand and intervene in organizations and institutions. Our research is driven by an interest in organization as a practical, situated, contested and changing matter. Our approach is interdisciplinary and combines social-scientific traditions such as organization theory, sociology, science and technology studies, political economy, and social psychology in the analysis of organizing processes and their outcomes. Methodologically, we value qualitative research methods highly and often adopt case study and fieldwork methodology.
The teaching responsibilities associated with the scholarship comprise undergraduate teaching and supervision in subjects such as organizational analysis, international political economy, and qualitative methods.
The Department will give priority to applicants with high grades from their universities.
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