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הזדמנות // תכנית בין-אוניברסיטאית לדוקטורט בהיסטוריה כלכלית [מדריד] דדליין=30.9.19

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We invite applications for two PhD positions in Economic History at the Department of Social Science at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid starting in January 2020. The four-year studentships are funded by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Applicants would be worknig towards a Ph.D. degree in any field of economic and business history. The entry requirements are stated in the following link


By October 2019 they should have completed the courses. Applicants must have extensive knowledge in the fields of history and / or applied economics, and have a clear understanding of the research methods in the social sciences.

The successful applicants must complete their PhD studies within the period of the employment and up to 60 hours of teaching per year are required.

The economic history area within the Department of Social Science at Universidad Carlos III is one of the leading European locations for teaching and researching in economic history, institutional analysis and comparative long-term economic change and performance. The Economic History area ha a current faculty of 15 full-time international academics with research expertise in a wide range of subjects and organizes a well known international seminar in ecnoomic history.

Amount awarded: from 16,100 euros the first year to around 22,000 the fourth year.

More information on such activities are available on the following websites:The Department


The PhD programme.


Applications received by the 30 September 2019 will be included in the first review and selection of candidates to be interviewed (by Skype) during October 2019. Applicants should include a cover letter, curriculum vitad, graduate transcript, two letters of recommendation, and a PhD dissertation proposal. The latter, of no more than three pages, should outline the topic of the dissertation, its scientifil motivation and methological approach, and basic bibliographical references.

Interested candidates are encouraged to discuss their research interests with Dr. Juan Carmona (juan.carmona@uc3m.es), Jordi Domenech (jordi.domenech@uc3m.es) and Antonio Tena (antonio.tena@uc3m.es) prior to the their offical submission.

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