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הזדמנות // משרה: מרצה במסלול לקביעות: היסטוריה של הדמוקרטיה וזכויות אדם במאות ה-16 עד ה-20 [וינה] דדליין=18.9.19

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Tenure-Track Professorship for the field of History of Democracy and Human Rights (16th -21st Century)

Successful applicants are engaged in researching the prehistory and history of democracy and human rights. At least in the future they are able and willing to focus on a perspective embracing different periods and geographical areas. Experience with synchronic or diachronic comparisons or with transnational approaches are particularly welcome. Cooperation with other faculties of the University of Vienna is desirable and will be supported.

Successful candidates should have the following qualifications:

  • Doctoral degree/PhD and at least two years post-doctoral experience at a university or other research institution; as a general rule, applicants must have gained research experience outside the University of Vienna for a total of at least two years during or after their doctoral studies
  • Outstanding achievements and potential in research, excellent publication record, international reputation
  • Experience in designing and participating in research projects, ability to lead research groups, willingness to acquire third-party funding
  • Enthusiasm for excellent teaching, teaching experience at universities or a teaching concept. Candidates are expected to be willing to teach students at all levels (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral level), to supervise academic theses and to promote junior colleagues

The University of Vienna expects the successful candidate to acquire, within three years, proficiency in German sufficient for teaching in bachelor’s programmes and for participation in university committees.


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