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קול קורא // לכנס: אמנות הלא לעשות כלום - מנוחה, התנגדות ופעילויות מענגות [לונדון 10/19] דדליין=3.9.19

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THE ARt of not doing

In a culture that valorises busyness, productivity, pace and “progress”, stillness can be radical. Refusing, ignoring, omitting, not doing; sometimes the most political actions look like doing nothing at all. But who gets to not do? When and how is not doing a politicised, racialised, privileged, resistant or utopian act?
Through conversation, provocation, installation and self-care, we look at unproductivity as an activist practice and the ways in which caring, resting, suspending, pausing and breaking can be re/claimed as political acts by and for everyone, particularly those marginalised by the racial and gender inequalities of neo-liberal capitalism.

As part of this one-day conference, we are inviting paper proposals/provocations and interdisciplinary submissions from Birkbeck graduate students, early career researchers and individuals from wider academic, creative and activist communities. Alongside paper proposals, we welcome submissions of artworks, shorts films, and proposals for performances and acts of care. Please read the about section before submitting. Download and share our poster here.

Submission topics may include but are not limited to…

  • Acts of not doing: strategic (un)productivity, industrial action and anti-work activism

  • The psychology, science and medicine of stress and burnout

  • (Un)doing spaces: the geography, spatiality, and topology of work, rest and resistance

  • Radical business models – how to work by not working/and the efficiency of rest (e.g. Alisa Vitti’s Cycle Syncing Method which uses the menstrual cycle as a blueprint for launching and managing projects)

  • Who gets to not do? The politics and privilege of breaks, rest, strikes and self-care

  • The biology of work and rest

  • Translation and the act of omission

  • Disability/neurodiversity/illness activism and critique of compulsory able-bodied-ness and neurotypicality

  • The art of not doing: omitting, ignoring, stopping, resting in artworks (e.g. Ali Smith’s There but for the (2011) or Maryam Ashkanian’s Sleep Series)

  • The economics of post-capitalism

  • Unlawful stopping: unemployment, unproductivity and the law

  • Critical responses to concepts like ‘burnout’, ‘productivity’ and ‘self-care’

  • Pleasure activism: the potential of pleasure for sustainable change and recuperation (for example submissions that responds to the work of adrienne maree brown or Audre Lorde’s ‘The Uses of the Erotic’ (1978))

  • The language of sleep, dreams, and daydreams in contemporary politics

  • Archival studies: the importance of stillness with/in the archive

  • The philosophy and ethics of (not) doing

  • Not doing within capitalism: sustainable alternative modes of organizing

  • What turns us on: the science behind what loving what and how you do

  • Following Professor Stuart Hall’s theorisation of ‘The rest in the West’, considerations of indigenous knowledges that have and continue to inform “Western” scientific practices (eg. Henrietta Lacks / Robin Wall-Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass)

  • Gender, race, class, sexuality, ability and age in relation to wellness and work

  • Representations of burnout in poetry, zines, online magazines, theatre, film, documentary, visual art, installation, fiction and memoir

  • Time and the performance of (un)productivity in contemporary theatre

  • Responses to theories on conflicting temporalities in zones of oppression and/or occupation (such as responses/additions to Giordano Nanni’s The Colonisation of Time)

  • Academic labour activism and the genre of ‘quit lit’

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