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קול קורא // למאמרים: שירה ובין-תרבותיות - היבטים פילוסופיים ופסיכולוגיים. דדליין=31.7.19

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Poetry and Transculturality in Asia and Europe – Philosophical and Psychological aspects

Inter- and transcultural topics are abundant in various literatures (including but not limited to Russian, Chinese, Japanese, English and German), often developing surprisingly similar characteristics even in geographically distant locations, different genres or time periods. One particular factor fostering such developments is the transformation process of a particular literary motive from one culture to another, often by the use of translation. It becomes especially apparent when depicting borderline experience, or in a multilingual context. In our temporary globalized world, such issues are not just interesting from a historian’s perspective, but are relevant for reevaluating cultural contacts all over the globe. A great many of these phenomena are philosophical or psychological in nature, whether they are transcendental experiences, or mnemonic characteristics of writing, or self-reflections.

We especially welcome research on poetic works, but will also consider papers dealing with prose genres.

interface –Journal of European Languages and Literatures is inviting original unpublished papers written in English, French, German, Spanish Russian or Italian for interface Issue 10, to be published in October 2019 that could address, but need not be restricted to, the following topics:

  • poetic depiction of death and transcendental experiences
  • cultural pessimism and optimism in literature
  • cultural translations
  • translation as creation
  • the author and the creative self
  • memory and writing

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