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הזדמנות // פוסטדוק: אלימות, טראומה וצדק [פראג] דדליין=30.4.19

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2019 postdoctoral fellowships at the Transdisciplinary Research of Violence, Trauma and Justice

The Center for the Transdisciplinary Research of Violence, Trauma and Justice (VITRI) represents a hub for the study of collective violence, reconciliation, and transitional justice at the Charles University in Prague. VITRI aims to inspire collaboration within divergent disciplines and encourage emerging academics and advanced doctoral students to tackle herein investigated questions from medical and historical to political and legal perspectives.

The VITRI focuses on four major areas of research:

  • Violence from a Historical Perspective
  • Transitional Justice
  • Violence and Trauma from a Mental Health Perspective
  • Security Community

The VITRI now invites postdoctoral researchers to apply for one-monthfellowships. Altogether two fellowships are available. The fellowship amounts to € 1.500, and preference (in 2019) is given this time to those working on Transitional Justice, and Violence and Trauma from a Mental Health Perspective.

Fellows are expected to work on their individual research project relevant to the VITRI profile. Further, they need to take active part in the VITRI workshop (scheduled for November 21–22, 2019) and acknowledge the support of VITRI and Charles University in all resulting publications.

Only applicants who have received their PhD no longer than five years prior to application deadline or those who have submitted their doctoral thesis are eligible to apply. The VITRI will provide assistance in finding appropriate accommodation in Prague. Furthermore, VITRI provides access to special library holdings at the Charles University as well as to the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive accessible via the Malach Center for Visual History, which contains more than 54.000 video-recorded interviews in over 30 languages.

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