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קול קורא // למאמרים: קהילות בתוך הקהילה - סולידריות חברתית ודתית באירופה בימי הביניים ובעת החדשה (אנגלית); דדליין=30.6.19

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Communities within community. Social and Religious Solidarities in European Medieval and Modern Societies

This issue of the annual aims to publish contributions that focus on the emergence, development, and transformation of solidarity groups such as the fraternities, charitable or professional associations, or locally organized structures functioning at the level of neighborhoods within localities.  We invite papers framed in the following fields: history, social history, sociology of religion, but also in other fields of humanities and social sciences.

Possible Topics:

Medieval solidarities: Relationships within/between fraternal organizations, guilds

Early modern and modern solidarities: neighborhoods, fraternal organizations, religious associations

Dissolution of traditional solidarities and new forms of solidarity in industrial societies

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