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Business and Economic History On-Line Editor

The Business and Economic History Online (BEH Online) is looking for a new Editor. The BEH Online  (https://www.thebhc.org/beh-online-home) is an online journal featuring a selection of papers presented at the Business History Conference’s (BHC) annual meeting. The Editor is responsible for the overall quality of the intellectual content of the journal; for overseeing, along with the Co-Editor,  the review process to select papers that provide new, original, and important contributions to the field of business history; and upholding the mission and scope of the journal. The primary source of content for the journal is papers presented at the BHC annual meeting. This is an uncompensated position; there is no salary.


  1. The Editor oversees the mission and scope of the journal in consultation with the Co-Editor.
  2. periodically reviews the editorial mission and scope of the journal and makes recommendations as needed to the Electronic Media and Online Communications (EMOC) Committee
  3. encourages submissions from presenters in each annual meeting for inclusion in BEH On-Line
  4. ensures that the papers published are consistent with the editorial mission
2. The Editor is responsible for overseeing the editorial review process.
  1. will revise submission guidelines as needed and post updated guidelines online at https://www.thebhc.org/beh-submission-guidelines
  2. edits papers for clarity and formatting, with the Co-Editor and in accordance with the house style guidelines
  3. will be the final arbiter regarding the acceptance of papers
  4. ensures that the citation information for each manuscript is updated in the BEH On-Line archives


  1. The Editor will provide the Electronic Media and Online Communications (EMOC) Committee with appropriate information about the editorial activities of the journal annually.
  2. will prepare a brief annual report according to an agreed-upon schedule
  3. will report any significant problems that might affect the quality or timely release of the journal

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