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הזדמנות // מלגה: מלגות פוסט-דוקטורט במרכז לחקר המזה"ת ומרכז אסיה (אנגלית) [אריאל] דדליין=1.6.19

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Announcing Post-Doctoral Scholarships at the Middle East and Central Asia Research Center

The Middle East and Central Asia Research Center (MECARC) is offering post-doctoral scholarships for the 2019/2020 academic school year

Scholarships up to 20,000$

The scholarships are for researchers of various aspects of Middle East and Central Asia studies, including the languages spoken in the region, Islamic studies, International Relations, Public Administration, and Israeli Politics and Culture

The scholarship requires staying at least two days a week at the Middle East and Central Asia Research Center as well as active participation in various activities of the Center and the Department of Middle East Studies at Ariel University

The deadline for submission of candidate files is 01/06/2019

For more information: https://www.ariel.ac.il/wp/mecarc/post-doctoral-scholarships/

Questions should be addressed to the Center by mail at mecarc@ariel.ac.il


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