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קול קורא // למאמרים: כתב עת בינלאומי לאקטיביזם פוליטי ומעורבות (אנגלית); ללא דדליין

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International Journal of Political Activism and Engagement

The International Journal of Political Activism and Engagement (IJPAE) compiles theoretical and empirical works that explore how politically active and socially-engaged citizens can impact and enlarge public welfare activities and socioeconomic resources. Examining outreach and engagement initiatives through methods such as public policy, urban development, and digital platforms, the journal seeks to create greater transparency between the government and its citizens to promote community development and develop public accountability for the overall benefit of society.

ISSN: 2640-0367|EISSN: 2640-0375|DOI: 10.4018/IJPAE

The mission of the International Journal of Political Activism and Engagement (IJPAE) is to discuss and explore value driven civic engagement practices, processes, and frameworks to bring social change and to effectively manage socioeconomic resources for individuals and society. The journal promotes cutting-edge research on various issues of political activism and engagement as an integrated platform for researchers, scholars, academic institutions, and civic society. IJPAE achieves its mission through research, exemplary cases, smart processes and competencies, development of frameworks, and collaborations, suggesting standards and benchmarks worldwide.
Coverage-   Citizen participation
–   Citizen services
–   Civic activism
–   Civic education
–   Civic engagement and political reforms for development
–   Civic engagement and rural development
–   Civic engagement and urban development
–   Civic engagement for development and social change
–   Civic engagement for organization development
–   Civic engagement reforms and capacity building
–   ICTs engagement and social change
–   Leadership cases for civic engagement
–   Political science
–   Poverty reduction
–   Preservation of natural resources
–   Public policy and social change
–   Role of administrative competencies for civic engagement
–  Smart governance practices
–  Smart regulatory frameworks for civic engagement
–  Social accountability for individuals, government, and corporate sectors
–  Social networks and collaborations for bringing social change
–  Standards and benchmarks for civic engagement
–  Sustainable development
–  Value-driven civic engagement
–  Women and child development

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