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קול קורא // למאמרים: מיעוטים במרכז ומזרח אירופה לאורך המאה ה-20 (אנגלית); דדליין=15.4.19

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Minorities in Central and Eastern Europe throughout the 20th Century

The theme of this volume is inspired by the situation of minorities in Central and Eastern Europe since the early 20th century when the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Tsarist Empire and the Ottoman Empire were still a reality and until the ’90s which came with their inter-ethnic conflicts in the former Yugoslav and former Soviet spaces.

Borders suffered substantial changes after the end of the First World War but there were no significant population movements, while after the Second World War things were precisely the other way around, i.e. Central and Eastern Europe saw insignificant border transformations, but there were strong movements of emigration, deportations and transfers of populations or even “ethnic cleansing” processes.

A special focus is given to the situation of Jews until the creation of the state of Israel, to the Germans until the reunification of Germany and to the Hungarians during the post-Trianon period.

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