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הזדמנות // למשרות מחקר: המרכז לפילוסופיה של המדעים בלונדון סקול אוף אקונומיק [לונדון] ללא דדליין

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Visit CPNSS Join London's thriving philosophical community

The CPNSS Visitors Programme gives philosophers of science from all over the world the opportunity to reside in the Centre for some time, participate in existing projects and pursue their own research.

Established researchers, usually members of a department or research centre at another university, can visit the Centre as Academic Visitors. Since the Centre recognises that the education of a new generation of philosophers of science is essential to the future of the discipline, it also accepts as Student Visitors research students from outside LSE (usually students working on a PhD thesis) who wish to spend some time in LSE’s philosophy community. Whenever possible, visitors will be given a desk in the Centre’s research area, have access to the LSE computer system, and can use the LSE library.

There are four different kinds of visits:

  • Short Term Visit: Visits for no more than one term.
  • Long Term Visit: Visits for no more than one year.
  • Return Visit: Researchers who have already visited the Centre (either short term or long term) can apply for another visit (either short term or long term). This category also includes anyone who after one year at the Centre wishes to continue their affiliation.
  • Occasional Visit: There is the possibility of accommodating scholars paying visits to a Centre project. Occasional Visitors will usually stay only for some days. If possible they will be given a desk and keys.

Visitors are expected to attend Centre events, contribute to seminars, and to intellectual life at the Centre. For this reason, it is important that visitors be present during the entire term of their visit. While it is understood that there will be short absences for conferences and other commitments every now and then, CPNSS  must be their primary and active intellectual base during the visit.

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מערכת רשת מדעי הרוח והחברה. לעשיית מנוי לרשת, לחצו כאן - https://goo.gl/wqRmyg
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