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למאמרים: כתב עת חינוכי בינלאומי חדש מבית "רב גוונים" (ליהוא זיסברג) – הכרזה וקול קורא [אנגלית] ללא דדליין – רמה

קול קורא // למאמרים: כתב עת חינוכי בינלאומי חדש מבית "רב גוונים" (ליהוא זיסברג) - הכרזה וקול קורא [אנגלית] ללא דדליין

כתובת ההודעה:

A new International peer-reviewed educational journal "MultiColors"

Multicolors, The International Journal of Educational Research and Theory is the international edition of RAV-GVANIM journal of education, first published in 1990. It opens a new era for the veteran journal, offering an open arena for reporting and discussing recent research outcomes, theory and practice in the field of education, learning and teaching.

Multicolors focuses on a broad range of subjects revolving around the basic concepts of education, learning and teaching. Since education and its main outcome – learning – happens everywhere and almost all the time discussions of the phenomenon are welcome within contexts as diverse as the family, formal education settings, work and everyday life situations, and more.

Discussions of different views of education, learning and teaching are especially welcome: through diverse perspectives (e.g.: developmental, sociological, psychological, pedagogical and so on) and points of view (e.g.: cross cultural, comparative, etc.). Contributions may include: empirical (quantitative or qualitative) research, literature reviews or meta-analyses, case studies or theoretical development papers. Each contribution must be

submitted in compliance with the instructions for authors. Each will be subject to peer review.

The Reviewers’ comments and the editorial decisions will be forwarded to the authors along with any of the following instructions: Accept for publication, minor revisions required, major revisions required or rejection.

This peer-reviewed journal is accepting manuscripts for review toward publication in an ongoing manner (see instructions for authors). We encourage authors from all disciplines to submit manuscripts as long as their main question at point relates to our core concepts of interest.

We truly hope Multicolors will provide a high quality, yet accessible platform for academicians, practitioners and students of education, learning and teaching to exchange knowledge, ideas and questions to push forward the frontiers of the discipline.—the-international-journal-of-educational-research-and-theory

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