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לבית ספר קיץ: סודות ושקרים – אמת, הוכחה והטעייה בהיסטוריה ובתרבות יהודיות [ירושלים 06-07/19] דדליין=1.3.19 – רמה

קול קורא // לבית ספר קיץ: סודות ושקרים - אמת, הוכחה והטעייה בהיסטוריה ובתרבות יהודיות [ירושלים 06-07/19] דדליין=1.3.19

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Secrets and Lies - Truth, Evidence, and Deception in Jewish History and Culture

The Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School for the Advanced Study of the Humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania announce a summer program for graduate students in Jewish studies.

With standards of veracity being debated around the world today, the 2019 Mandel School/Katz Center Summer School investigates hidden and concealed truths in Jewish history and culture.

Over a week of intensive learning with a cohort of leading scholars from different subfields and disciplines, graduate students will explore the role of secrecy, esotericism and deception in Jewish sources, the challenge of getting at hidden historical truths, the closeting of social identities, and other topics that involve seeking out or masking the truth. 

The program is meant to promote a sense of intellectual community with scholars and fellow graduate students from around the world. Graduate students at any institution worldwide, in any subfield of Jewish studies, past or present, are eligible to apply. Fellowships are available for students who do not have applicable funding from their home institutions.

Deadlines for applications: March 1, 2019;

For information, please visit

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