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הזדמנות // מלגה: בתר דוקטורט במרכז ללימודים הומניסטיים [אטלנטה, ג'ורג'יה] דדליין=16.1.19

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Emory University: Arts and Sciences: Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry

The Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry announces a Post-Doctoral Fellowship for two years of research, writing, teaching, and residence at the Center. The purpose of the FCHI Post-Doctoral Fellows Program is to stimulate and support humanistic research by providing scholars in the early stages of their careers with the time, space, and other resources necessary to advance their work. In addition, the Program was created to give the Emory community access to a range of humanistic work by scholars from other institutions.

An essential feature of the Post-Doctoral Fellows Program is the expectation that Fellows make intellectual contributions not only within the Center, but, more widely, to humanistic studies at Emory. Thus Post-Doctoral Fellows will be expected to offer an upper-level undergraduate course on a subject of their choice during the spring semesters of their fellowship years.

Post-Doctoral Fellows must have the Ph.D. in hand before submission of their applications. These fellowships are awarded to those who have held the Ph.D. for no more than six years before receiving the fellowship.  An annual stipend of … read more


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