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Residence Grant Application 2019/2020

We invite you to apply for the 2019-2020 Residence Grant at the Center for Urban History.

The residence grants are offered to researchers of various fields in the humanities from different countries. We especially encourage historians, culture studies scholars, and anthropologists. We welcome applications for research that offer broad interpretations of urban history as a discipline at the intersection of various approaches of humanities and social sciences. The chronological and geographical frames of the proposed research are limited to the 19th and 20th-century history of East and Central Europe. Preference will be given to topics related to the Center’s research focuses like urbanization in multi-ethnic cities, individual experience of city residents during 20th-century radical changes and wars, planned cities, urban heritage, commemorative practices and city space, infrastructure and cultural practices in the cities, digital and public history.

The program includes:

  • five one-month residence grants for young researchers, working on their PhD thesis or preparing them for publishing;
  • five two-week residence grants for advanced researchers;
  • three residencies on digital urban history in cooperation with the Lviv Interactive project, an online encyclopedia representing the history of Lviv through places and spaces. The researchers are expected to have an interest in preparing materials for the project focusing on placing their own research focus on the spatial aspects of Lviv. We also encourage applications with projects not necessarily related to Lviv but employing digital techniques to develop a theme under research (such as but not exclusively, the geo-information systems, network analysis, and digital storytelling).
  • one residency in digital urban history, jointly with the Urban Media Archive. The researcher is going to work with the materials of the project "Voices of Resistance and Hope: Kyiv-Lviv-Kharkiv" – a collection of interviews with the participants of the EuroMaidan.

The Center provides conditions to conduct research, and offers to scholars access to the own materials, such as the library, the media archive, research works, scholarly contacts, and also grants an opportunity to present and discuss the preliminary results of research within the Urban Workshop and public lectures.

The Library of the Center includes over 8,000 books in urban history, heritage, public history, museum studies, history of media and visual culture, gender studies, Jewish studies, a.o. in Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian, and other languages

Urban Media Archive is a unique collection of digitized archival photos and film documents, maps, and oral interviews

The grant means accommodation in the guest rooms of the Centre for a period of one month or two weeks, located on the same premises as the Institute. Conveniently situated in the heart of Lviv, the Center is a short walk from the city’s archives and libraries. The guest apartment has three separated guest rooms with shared kitchen and facilities. The rooms are fully-equipped to ensure a comfortable stay and provide WiFi access. During the stay at the Center, the grantee gets working space in the office, access to all resources and administrative support.

The grant does שcover travel, living and other expenses.

The residence grants are intended for postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Please note that no scholarship is offered to undergraduates and graduates. Pilot research projects are not encouraged. At the time of application, the project should last at least for a year and require access to Lviv archives and libraries, including the library and the media archives at the Center.

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