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קול קורא // לסדנה: הכנס הראשון למדעי החברה - מדעני החברה של העתיד [חיפה 06/19] דדליין=20.1.19

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1st Haifa Social Sciences Conference - Social Scientists of the Future: call for proposals: interdisciplinary workshops fro graduate students.

Theme: the relevance of the social sciences in an era of significant doubt and big data.

The world is in a state of flux. We are simultaneously experiencing rising populism, crises of political engagement, shrinking borders, ecological changes and economic and technological revolutions that are pushing people closer together and further apart. How can the social sciences shape the efforts to face these tremendous challenges and opportunities? The 1st

Haifa social sciences conference responds to this challenge by bringing together graduate students doing interdisciplinary research that is relevant to our era’s most critical issues. By combining the specialized knowledge of individual disciplines with the broader perspective offered by interdisciplinary methodologies, we explore whether and how the social sciences can stay relevant in guiding societies dealing with the complexities of an increasingly

interdependent yet polarized world.

We welcome submissions on interdisciplinary research from all fields including but not limited to: Political Sciences | Psychology | Economics | Geography and Environmental Studies | | Computer Sciences | Communications | Sociology | Anthropology | Law | Criminology | | Social Work | Statistics | Peace Studies.

Workshop 1 – Populism, Terrorism, Migration and Global Warming

Interdisciplinary approaches relevant to problems related to or the understanding of populism, terrorism, migration or global warming – such as their current influence on society, their future trends and projected impact, or on the way to mitigate or even counter their impact.

Workshop 2 – AI, Big Data and the Social Sciences: Synergy or Redundancy?

Research that uses modern technology to reveal new conclusions in social sciences OR social sciences research that reveals outcomes that modern computing cannot yet attain including relevant issues of privacy and ethics.

Workshop 3 – Social Discourse and Social Media

Research that deals with modern forms of communication. How do we speak to each other? Who do we speak to? How are our personal relationships affected? How and what do we learn from others about the world we live in?

Workshop 4 – Age old questions approached anew

For research that explores classic questions in the different fields of social sciences through an integrated, creative and interdisciplinary research methodology.

Invitation for Participants

We invite graduate students to present their research on the above topics subject to the following criteria. Accepted submissions will showcase research that is a) cutting-edge, b) interdisciplinary; and c) relevant to the selected workshop’s themes as outlined above.


Best Presentation Awards

After being reviewed by an interdisciplinary panel of experts, prizes will be awarded to the best research in each of the four workshops that offers new approaches to burning issues.

■ The selected presentation in each workshop will be awarded with USD $1,000

Best Poster Award

■ The best poster will receive USD $500


The conference will take place in English

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