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קול קורא // למאמרים: אנטישמיות בהיסטוריה האמריקאית (אנגלית) דדליין=1.1.19

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Antisemitism in American History

Recent events have brought the problem of antisemitism to the attention of the American public to an unusual degree, sparking debates among Americans – including American Jews – not only about its nature, but about the extent to which it poses a serious threat. These debates parallel recent scholarly discussions concerning the significance of antisemitism in American history and its centrality to the American Jewish experience. American Jewish History, official publication of the American Jewish Historical Society and the most widely recognized journal in its field, seeks original-research articles on antisemitism in American history for a special issue on the theme.

Possible topics include, but are certainly not confined to:

*specific incidents of violence against Jews, or the role of violence in American antisemitism in general;

*discrimination against Jews in employment, housing, or higher education;

*antisemitism in particular social groups, including social elites, the working class, students, other ethnic or religious communities, etc., or opposition to antisemitism within those groups;

*the role of antisemitism in American politics, law and government;

*Jewish communal or individual responses to antisemitism or perceived antisemitism;

*Intellectual, literary or artistic expressions of, or opposition to, antisemitism;

*transnational aspects of American antisemitism;

*American antisemitism in comparative perspective;

*Antisemitism and other forms of hatred and racism in the United States.

Please send abstracts of not more than 300 words (as well as any inquiries) to the journal co-editors Kirsten Fermaglich (fermagli@msu.edu), Adam Mendelsohn (adam.mendelsohn@uct.ac.za), and Daniel Soyer (soyer@fordham.edu) by January 1, 2019.  Full articles based on accepted abstracts should be 6,000-10,000 words in length and be submitted by September 1, 2019, for peer review.  Accepted articles will be published in American Jewish History in spring 2020.

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