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Call for Applications TASC and TAAD

ReiReS offers scholarships for researchers from the member states of the EU and from the countries associated to Horizon 2020 on historical religious studies at fourteen facilities located in outstanding European research centres and universities in Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, and Italy…

Scholars can apply for a transnational access scholarship to consult each of these special collections and libraries (excluding those belonging to the user country) in order to develop innovative and groundbreaking investigations in historical religious studies. ReIReS grants to users the support for travel (standard economy airfare) and subsistence (accommodation). Users spent typically two weeks at the provider institution, meeting experts and scholars, the curator of the special collections, conservator and restorers….

ReIReS Invites Applications From:

1) scholars who develop a research project which involves the study of documents preserved in the provider institutions and need to have a direct access to these documents and materials to develop their researches or to complete their analysis;

2) experts in historical religious studies who, during the development of their research, need to integrate their knowledge with those available through the access to the materials preserved in TASC/TAAD providers;

3) curators of special collections and archives, who need to enlarge their knowledge in dealing with documents concerning historical religious studies to manage other collections of documents.


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