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קול קורא // לפרקים לספר: דמונולוגיה יהודית ונוצרית. דדליין לתקצירים=31.12.18

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Call for Papers : Demonology

Interest in ancient Jewish and Christian beliefs about demons has grown significantly in recent decades. Particular consideration has been given to the influence of other cultures (e.g. Zoroastrian traditions), the transmission of traditions across time and between communities (e.g. the myth of rebellious angels), and to the origins of demons and methods for dealing with them (e.g. exorcism rituals, magic, etc.). Less attention has been paid to the nature and characteristics of demonic beings (broadly conceived).

Dr Hector M Patmore and Prof. Josef Lössl (Cardiff University) therefore invite proposals for papers that consider this theme in Jewish and / or Christian sources from the Biblical period to Late Antiquity. Papers may have any relevant focus, including:

  • The ontology of demonic beings.
  • The place of demonic beings in spiritual hierarchies.
  • The role of gender in the depiction of demonic beings.
  • The connection between demons and particular locations.
  • The personification / hypostasizing of abstract concepts.
  • Papers exploring cultural exchange between Jews and Christians would be particularly welcome.

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