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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Christian-Jewish Relations, University of Toronto

The Centre for Jewish Studies (CJS), in partnership with the Toronto School of Theology (TST), invites applications for a one-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in the field of Christian-Jewish relations with a special interest in theology, broadly construed.  The postdoctoral fellow will engage in scholarship that contributes to the understanding of Jewish and Christian faiths and cultures and their inter-relationship. Housed in the CJS at the Jackman Building for the Humanities, the fellow will spend the year working on a defined research project, deliver two public lectures, and contribute to the intellectual life of the CJS and the TST by participating in reading groups, colloquia and other academic gatherings.  The public lectures will be called the Igor Kaplan Lecture in Christian-Jewish Relations.

The successful candidate will be an employee of the University of Toronto and as a member of a bargaining unit will be subject to the UofT-CUPE (Unit 5) Collective Agreement. Remuneration is $36,500 per annum. An additional $1,000 will be available for research support, including conference travel or other professional purposes.   The position begins on 1 July 2019 and will terminate on 30 June 2020.

Applicants must hold a PhD in theology or religious studies (or in a humanities disciplines where both faiths have played a role in the doctoral research), completed nor more than three years prior to the application deadline.  Persons who are ABD are eligible to apply, but if appointed the fellow must defend the doctoral thesis before June 30, 2019 in order to retain the position.

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