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קול קורא // לכנס: חקר הסמיוטיקה [בואנוס איירס 9/19] דדליין=5.12.18

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14th World Congress of Semiotics

This year the word “trajectories” has been chosen for the thematic proposal of the congress, taking on account of the remarkable wealth of meanings arising from its contemporary uses, applicable from different perspectives to the description of the continuities and changes that compose the discipline. We consider that the best example can be found in the trajectory of definitions of the very notion of semiotics.

1. Foundational trajectories
1.a Semiotics and narratives studies)
1.b The passages between semiology and semiotics
1.c The passages and interactions between verbal and non-verbal semiotics
1.d Foundation and logical fundaments of semiotics
1.e The analysis of discourse as an interpretative practice
1.f The histories of semiotics: foundations and continuities

2. Transdisciplinary trajectories
2.a Semiotics and Sociology
2.b Semiotics and Psychoanalysis
2.c Semiotics and history
2.d Semiotics and philosophy
2.e Semiotics and cognitive sciences
2.f Semiotics and biological sciences
2.g Semiotics and design
2.h Semiotics and architecture
2.i Semiotics and anthropology

3.The semiotics as analysis and criticism
3.a The articulations and confrontations between semiotic perspectives and research in communication
3.b Semiotics of doxological discourses (political, religious, journalistic)
3.c Semiotics of scientific discourses
3.d The semiotics of the stage and the staging
3.e Arts semiotics: times and territories
3.f Semiotics of visual, sound and audiovisual languages
3.g Indexical semiotics (materialities, bodies, objects)
3.h Semiotics of performativity
3.i Semiotics of spatiality (geographies, territories, borders)
3.j Semiotics of mediatizations
3.k Transpositions and transmedia phenomena

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