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הזדמנות // משרה: מרצה - היסטוריה של יהדות ארה"ב [טקסס] בדיקת מועמדויות החל מ=1.11.18 עד איוש המשרה

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Lecturer, U.S. history/U.S. Jewish history

The Department of History at the University of North Texas seeks applications for a full-time lecturer in US History. Additional information about the Department may be found at http://history.unt.edu.

Responsibilities include teaching high-enrollment face-to-face and online sections of both halves of US History survey and providing departmental service. The successful candidate will teach the US Survey (although opportunities do exist for upper-level classes as well) and exhibit a commitment to service to the department (undergraduate advising, departmental committees, and the like).

Applicants will find TWO job postings on the UNT HR website. Both are for lecturers in US history, but the two are not identical. Applicants are encouraged to submit separate applications for both positions, since applicants will not be considered for a position for which they did not apply.

UNT is a Class I‐Doctorate Granting institution located in Denton, Texas about 40 miles north of both Dallas and Fort Worth. UNT Denton is the flagship research campus of the UNT‐System, has over 38,000 students and over 5,000 graduate students, and is one of the top choices in the nation for transfer students. The Department of History has 30 full-time faculty, more than 400 undergraduate majors, and more than 80 graduate students. It awards the Ph.D. in United States, European and Military History.

Preference will be given to applicants with a research specialization in American Jewish history, with ability to teach upper-level classes in Jewish history (any topic/area/era), as well as documented evidence of teaching excellence and with experience in distance education. 


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