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הזדמנות // מלגות שונות במוזיאון המטרופוליטן - היסטוריה של האמנות, אמנות מודרנית, צילום, אוצרות [ניו יורק] דדליין=2.11.18

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Fellowships

Almost 150 years after its founding in 1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is as strongly committed as ever to its educational mission of supporting scholarly investigation and research into its encyclopedic collection, and to contributing to broader academic discourses.

Join a community of scholars in the fields of art history, archaeology, museum education, conservation, and related sciences, as well as scholars in other disciplines whose projects are interdisciplinary in nature and relate to objects in The Met collection.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, ניו יורק, ארצות הברית
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