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פרסום // מאמר: המאבקים על השליטה על נתיבי השייט בים האיוני בין ונציה לגינואה (המאות ה- 14 והמחצית הראשונה של המאה ה- 15) (רותי גרטווגן)

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Ruthy Gertwagen, “Fights over the control on Ionian Sea lanes between Venice and Genoa (late 14th to mid- 15th century)” in: War, State and Society in the Ionian Sea (late 14th century – early 19th century.),Ed. by G.D. Paratis, Herodotos, Athens, 2018

On 7 October 1403, the Venetian fleet captained by Carlo Ze-no and the Genoese war fleet, headed by Buccicaut, the French governor of Genoa, were engaged in a battle in the southeastern Ionian Sea. In the modern literature the event was often re-ferred to as the battle of Modon, although this place, at the southwestern tip of Morea (modern Peloponnese), was not the battle theatre. The aim of the paper is to discuss the location of and the motives behind the battle that highlight the policy of each of these powers towards the Ionian Sea. By so doing the paper shows that the discussion has to extend beyond the geo-graphic boundaries of this zone into the whole eastern Mediterranean basin with implications on both maritime pwers' status in this area.

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