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קול קורא // למאמרים: כתב העת למוזיקה יהודית - 70 שנה לישראל. דדליין לתקצירים=30.9.18

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Tekiah – Journal of Jewish Music Studies

Tekiah – Journal of Jewish Music Studies edited by the European Center for Jewish Music Studies at the Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media is scheduled to appear as an open-access online Journal on Musiconn .Publish. The journal is dedicated to the study of Jewish musical traditions and practices in their diverse historical and cultural contexts, and welcomes articles on this topic using ethnographical, historical, historiographical, aesthetic and semiotic perspectives based on archival research, contemporary fieldwork, and digital resources.

Call for Contributions 2018

The main purpose of Tekiah is to publish high-quality academic articles, reviews (books, recordings, performances), analyses and commentaries (scores) in the subject-area of Jewish Music Studies.

For our first issue, we would like to welcome a broad range of submissions focusing on the theme Israel at 70. As the State of Israel reached its 70th year, the focus of both the media and academic scholarship has been typically on international politics. Little academic focus has been given to musicians, composers and music educators. Yet musical practices in Israel constitute a thriving sphere of culture in Israel, practiced by many diverse individuals, groups, and organizations, at the state-level, internationally and locally. Practitioners are equally diverse and Israel as a dynamic, yet politically-tense, contested space continues to be a hub for the diverse musical practices of its inhabitants. But this is not the only relevance: the long-spanning Jewish connection to Israel, whether imagined as a place, a community of people/s, a spiritual centre, has, and continues, to stimulate musical composition and practices, often existing in the minds and imaginaries of practitioners. Overall, the reality, imaginary, and other forms of interaction continue to shape musical outputs in, positive, negative, harmonious and contentious ways.

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