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הזדמנות // מלגה: שהות מחקרית בנושא "המדעים פוגשים את מדעי הרוח" [מרסיי] דדליין=20.9.18

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“Science Meets Humanities” Programme 2019-2020

The Science Meets Humanities Programme is open to prominent researchers either in hard and experimental science or in humanities and social science  interested  in reflecting on the conditions for fruitful cross-disciplinary research and practical implementation of these conditions.

Open to all projects within this framework, it particularly targets the following themes:

  • Study in specific interdisciplinary fields in hard science and social science. Reflection can focus on method combination, innovation modes, social interaction conditions, etc.
  • Analysis of the conditions for proper social acceptance of scientific findings and innovations, particularly in areas where the assessment of uncertainties is part of these findings.
  • Relationship between digital research and digital humanities. Humanities are developing digital uses likely to inspire the orientations of numerical research, and vice versa. Epistemological reflection on these perspectives and their interactions comes from the reciprocal work and questioning of researchers in both fields.
  • Interdisciplinarity in cognitive science. Interaction between cognitive and linguistic psychology—including research on computer science—and neuroscience is already fertile. It also extends to social psychology, research on communication, and the relationship between neuroscience and economics. This line of research focuses on such interactions.

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