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הזדמנות // מלגה: דוקטורט ופוסטדוק בהערכה, מדידה ומדיניות חינוך [אוסלו] דדליין=30.9.18

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Two PhD Research fellows in educational measurement

Applications are invited for two full-time positions as PhD research fellows at the Centre for Educational Measurement at the University of Oslo (CEMO). CEMO provides a stimulating research environment by bringing together internationally renowned substantive and methodological experts. Research at CEMO combines basic research and applications of advanced measurement techniques to solve core educational problems. CEMO also contributes to the development of measurement competence through teaching and outreach. The centre is part of a broad international network and manages several externally funded research grants.

Two Postdoctoral fellowships in Educational Assessment and Measurement

Applications are invited for 2 positions as Postdoctoral Fellow in Educational Assessment and Measurement to be based at the Centre for Educational Measurement (CEMO), University of Oslo. CEMO is primarily a research unit but offers its own Master program in Assessment and Evaluation. The Centre comprises about 25 employees from 10 countries, thus providing ample opportunities to develop joint research projects on an international scale.

The available positions are fulltime and with a duration of four years (25 % of which is devoted to teaching).

PhD Research fellow in Educational policy analysis with large-scale assessment data

Applications are invited for a full-time position as a PhD Research fellow at the Centre for Educational Measurement at the University of Oslo (CEMO). The position involves analyzing trends in arithmetic and basic algebra in Norway by making use of large-scale cohort data gathered by the Norwegian army in the context of a selection test (men over 18 years, including women since 2015). The objective is to examine outcomes of policy reforms both on the score (since the 1990s) and item level (computer-based assessment since 2010).

The appointment is made for a period of up to four years (25% of which is devoted to required duties, usually in the form of teaching activities).

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