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הזדמנות // מענקים נדיבים מטעם קרן פולקסווגן לקבוצות מחקר קטנות - נושאים גלובליים: שילוב פרספקטיבות שונות על אי שוויון חברתי. דדליין=30.10.18

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Global Issues – Integrating Different Perspectives on Social Inequality

This call for funding is part of a broader international funding framework entitled “Global Issues – Integrating Different Perspectives”, which aims to enable international research collaboration and to generate new insights on understudied issues of global relevance. The different thematic areas that are addressed through this overarching funding scheme are oriented towards those challenges that have been acknowledged by the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda as requiring specific action. “Global Issues” aims to stimulate and strengthen collaboration between researchers based in different parts of the world who usually do not join forces.

Thematic Call: Global Issues – Integrating Different Perspectives on Social Inequality

Over the last decades, inequalities – in various states and on a number of socio-economic, political as well as (socio-)cultural dimensions – have increased, despite strong economic growth rates in general. Worldwide, millions of people are still disadvantaged and excluded from, for instance, social and political participation, health care, or educational opportunities. Against the backdrop of… read more

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