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Postgraduate Research Studentships

Queen Mary offers research studentships to the value of around £12 million to support PhD students each year. These include our own prestigious QMUL Principal’s Postgraduate Research Studentships, as well as Research Council UK (RCUK) funded studentships, funding from industry, and from research charities and cultural institutions.

The Postgraduate Research Studentships set out on this page typically provide funding for up to three years of PhD study. The studentships cover tuition fees and provide maintenance paid at a rate of c£16,000 pa. We anticipate offering up to 100 studentships for entry in 2019. They include:

  • QMUL Principal’s Postgraduate Research Studentships are available to applicants of any nationality, for PhDs in any area of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Engineering. There is no separate application process for these awards. Applications must be received by 31 January 2019, with the exception of applications for Law which must be received by 7 December 2018.
  • RCUK Research Studentships are generally restricted to Home and EU students researching particular subject areas. In general, there is no separate application process for these awards and applications must be received by 31 January 2019.
  • Research Studentships funded through industry, research charities, and cultural organisations are typically tied to a particular PhD project and have variable eligibility criteria. They have deadlines throughout the year and will be advertised at www.findaphd.com or on departmental websites.

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