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קול קורא // ספרים ומאמרים: כתיבה נשית בעת החדשה המוקדמת, 1550 - 1700. דדליין להצעות=30.11.18

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Calls for Book or Chapter Proposals on ‘Early Modern Women’s Writing, 1550 – 1700’.

Vernon Press invites book proposals on the theme: ‘Early Modern Women’s Writing, 1550 – 1700,’ for our book series in History. All areas of study, with a common goal of representing the creation, exchange, and reception of literature written by women in the early modern period, are encouraged to submit, including disciplines such as Women’s Studies, Art, and Music.

The early modern era can be considered a pivotal period in feminist awareness (Ostovich and Sauer, 2004), due in part to increasing levels of female literacy. Writing, reading, and printing afforded women the freedom to negotiate individual performances and social forms of agency in public, allowing them to start navigating a previously male-dominated sphere.

Although regulated by social and religious codes, women’s practices of devotional reading, writing, and dissemination are considered key to both an understanding of the Reformation and the female condition in the early modern period.

The scope of the present call is broad. All issues stemming from the transmission and translation of female-authored texts to the self-fashioning of the female self will be considered. Possible topics include (non-comprehensive list)… read more


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