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קול קורא // הכנס הבינלאומי ה-16 בלימודים קנדיים: גלובליזציה וחדשנות - קנדה וישראל במבט השוואתי [ירושלים 05/19] דדליין=1.10.18

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Globalization and Innovation: Canada and Israel in Comparative Perspective

The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israel Association for Canadian Studies are convening a three-day conference at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to steer discussions that situate Canada and Canadian affairs within the context of
globalization and innovation. The conference shall particularly, yet not exclusively, address the relevance of globalization of innovation to the following topics, from diverse disciplinary perspectives:

 Various social spheres including various sectors (high-tech, industry and commerce;
education, academia and science; healthcare; civic mobilization; and more);
 Various forms of organizing (public and governmental agencies, for-profit firms, and civil
society organizations), as well as to cross-sector partnerships;
 Link between innovation and entrepreneurship;
 Policy-making and strategy: Global, national and organizational dimensions;
 Innovation divides: Global, gender, ethnicity, and class inequalities in high-tech and related innovation spheres;
 Global migration and cross-cultural aspects of innovation.

Conference organizers welcome submissions from scholars and researchers from a diverse set of disciplines, as well as from practitioners and policy-makers.


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