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One-Month Research Awards - Dumbarton Oaks

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection offers One-Month Research Awards of $3,000 to scholars holding the PhD or other relevant terminal degree (e.g., MLA for Garden and Landscape studies applicants) and working on research projects in Byzantine studies, Pre-Columbian studies, Garden and Landscape studies, or related fields. The awards were established to make the intellectual community as well as the library, rare book, garden, and museum resources of Dumbarton Oaks more widely available to a broader range of scholars for shorter terms and with some flexibility in starting dates. Awards are intended especially for those who might not be able to avail themselves of a longer-term fellowship at Dumbarton Oaks, or scholars in related disciplines who seek greater exposure to our fields of study.
Recipients are invited to use the research facilities at Dumbarton Oaks for the month covered by the award. The general library collections at Dumbarton Oaks contain more than 210,000 items in a variety of formats, while our Rare Book Collection holds more than 10,000 volumes, prints, drawings, photographs, and blueprints. Due to the short-term nature of the award, we are unable to process inter-library loan requests. During the term of the award, lunch on weekdays with other members of the scholarly community is available at a modest cost. Accommodations are not provided.
Recipients are expected to make significant progress in a research project that leads to publication (either an article or part of a larger work); or achieves some other form of professional enhancement that has been described in the application. Reports on the results of the work accomplished during the tenure of the award will be submitted upon completion of the term. Resulting publications should acknowledge Dumbarton Oaks and be brought to our attention.

For further details, please visit https://www.doaks.org/research/support-for-research/one-month-research-awards

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