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קול קורא // מאמרים: כתב העת ארכיאולוגיה וטקסט (יונתן אדלר, דיויד סמול). קול קורא מתמשך ללא דדליין

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ARCHAEOLOGY AND TEXT: A Journal for the Integration of Material Culture with Written Documents in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East

The study of the human past has conventionally been divided between two distinct academic disciplines depending upon the kind of evidence under investigation: "history", with its focus on written records, and "archaeology", which analyzes the remains of material culture. "Archaeology and Text: A Journal for the Integration of Material Culture with Written Documents in the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East" aims to bridge this disciplinary divide by providing an international forum for scholarly discussions which integrate the studies of material culture with written documents. Interdisciplinary by nature, the journal offers a platform for professional historians and archaeologists alike to critically investigate points of confluence and divergence between the textual and the artifactual.

We seek contributions from scholars working in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. Contributions with a theoretical or methodological focus on the interface between archaeology and text are especially encouraged. By publishing all of its articles online, the Archaeology and Text seeks to disseminate its published papers immediately after the peer-review and editorial processes have been completed, providing timely publication and convenient access.

For our detailed editorial policy, instructions to authors and open access to all articles in "Archaeology and Text" 1 (2017), please visit the journal website: http://www.ariel.ac.il/archaeology/archaeology-and-text-jurnal
or contact the editors-in-chief:
David B. Small (Lehigh University, USA) dbs6@lehigh.edu
Yonatan Adler (Ariel University) yonatanadler@gmail.com
Scholars working on points of confluence and divergence between archaeology and textual sources
archaeology, history, historical texts, ancient texts, ancient material culture, ancient Mediterranean, ancient Near East

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