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קול קורא // כנס: עולמ(ות) נשיים ומגדר [פורטו 9/18] דדליין=30.6.18

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International Conference on Woman and Gender Universe(s)

After a successful first edition, Woman XXI becomes Woman XXI | International Conference on Woman and Gender Universes, a moment of sharing knowledge and experiences, not only about Women, but about the extensive, complex, and still unexplored, Universe of the Gender. An informal and multidisciplinary meeting about multiple areas of social life that, in one way or another, gravitate around (and are influenced by) gender issues. A moment that promotes an holistic and critical view about a set of current and relevant issues, and that intends to contribute to a deeper understanding about gender universes. This is a meeting for sharing expertise, but also everyday experiences of all those who, for personal or professional reasons, may be interested in this subject.

Once again, Woman XXI opens the door to a multidisciplinary dialogue, involving different areas in a debate of common interest: from Medicine to Sociology, Sport, Nutrition, History, Law, Psychology, Arts, Fashion, among others; all areas come together in a unique and memorable experience.

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