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Call for Papers – Volume 28 [2019] Canadian Jewish Studies

Canadian Jewish Studies/ Études juives canadiennes (ISSN: 1198-3493) is a peer-reviewed, open-access, all-discipline journal devoted to original scholarship in English or French that illuminates the Canadian Jewish experience. It is published by the Association for Canadian Jewish Studies/Association d’Etudes Juives Canadiennes (ACJS-AEJC).

The editors welcome submissions of fully drafted articles, or abstracts for articles, that touch on any aspect of Canadian Jewish life, from any disciplinary perspective. We are particularly interested in essays that focus on comparisons and interactions between Canadian Jews and Jews from other countries, and in essays that focus on comparisons or interactions between Canadian Jews and other religious or ethnic groups in Canada. Canadian Jewish Studies also includes the regular sections, ‘The Archives Matter,’ a Translation section, Book Reviews, and Letters to the Editors. ‘The Archives Matter’ features short articles about researching the Canadian Jewish experience in Canada using archival resources and collections throughout the country. The Translation section, inaugurated in Volume XXV, features recent translations into English or French of texts originally written in other languages and which are pertinent to Canadian Jewish studies and research. We welcome new submissions to these sections.

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