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פרסום // כתב עת: מוניטור - מודיעין גלובלי על גזענות, גיליון 2, מרץ-אפריל 2018 (מוניקה גונזלס קוריאה)

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MONITOR Global Intelligence on Racism

Issue 2 of “MONITOR: Global Intelligence on Racism”, the world’s first online magazine bringing academic expertise on racism to public debate, has just been published.

Link to issue: http://monitoracism.eu/

Issue 2 includes:
* The Mayor of Wroclaw, Poland, on how and why his city has embraced being an open city to migrants.
* Swedish NGO ‘Order of the Teaspoon’ showcasing Sweden’s first role-play App designed to help teachers and teenagers confront racism.
* Podcast interview on the latest research on racism in European football with Pavel Brunssen, co-organiser of the Berlin event, ‘The Beautiful Game?’
* The artwork of Alessandra Ragioneri in advance of her exhibition at the European nomadic biennial, Manifesta 12, in Palermo, Sicily; and an illustration by Damiano Restivo
* Articles and videos on: high-profile Australian Senator Jim Nolan & the denial of racism; ‘The Far-Right Czeching in?’- the 2018 presidential election; contemporary Christianity & whiteness; & the experience of researching racism and the Far-Right, from the US to Europe

Editor – Monica Gonzalez-Correa
Academic Advisor – Dr James Renton

European University Institute

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