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Postdoc: Developmental Social Neuroscience

The Developmental Social Vision lab at Bangor University, Wales, invites applications for a full time post-doctoral researcher post as part of a European Research Council funded Starting Grant focused on Developmental Social Neuroscience. The project, ‘Becoming Social’, is led by Dr. Kami Koldewyn and investigates developmental change in social perception, social learning and the social brain in late-childhood/early adolescence. The successful applicant will be the coordinator of the second major research stream of the Becoming Social project, which focuses on longitudinal developmental work in both typically developing adolescents and those with ASD. Methods used may include behavioural, eye-tracking and neuroimaging (e.g. fMRI, DWI) measures and the postdoctoral researcher who fills this post will be very involved, both conceptually and technically, in the design and construction of research questions and the tasks to address them.

The successful candidate will be expected to start as soon as possible (though start date is very negotiable). The position is a two-year post, with the possibility of a one or two-year extension.

Applications will only be accepted via Bangor’s on-line recruitment website, jobs.bangor.ac.uk. However, in cases of access issues due to disability, paper application forms are available by telephoning +44 (0)1248 383865.

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