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3 Postdoctoral Positions at Centre for Medieval Literature (SDU and University of York)

The Centre for Medieval Literature (CML) at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU, Odense) and the University of York invites applications for a total of three postdoctoral positions. (It is possible to apply to both universities with the same research plan, but you must make separate applications following the procedures of each institution.)

The position available at the University of Southern Denmark (Department of History) is a 3-year post with a start date of September 1, 2018.

The two positions available at the University of York (Department of English and Related Literature) are 2 year, 11-month posts with a start date of September 1, 2018. Applications to York need to be made through the University of York system and will be advertised in due course.

The CML’s research is interdisciplinary and multilingual, combining literary study with history, history of art, history of science, and other disciplines. We cover a broad range of topics addressing texts within and, especially, beyond the established medieval literary canons. The CML works to establish theoretical models for the study of medieval literature in a European scale. Our research is organised in three main research strands: Imperial Languages, Canon and Library, and Transformations and Translocations.

Successful candidates will be committed to 1) high quality research 2) collaboration which unites scholarship across disciplines and languages, 3) creating a shared research environment across both universities, and 4) situating their research within a wider European framework. In addition to describing your research topic and how it will fit into one or more of the three research strands of the CML, your proposal should include a statement about your potential contributions to the teamwork that is an important aspect of the CML. In the case of otherwise equally-ranked candidates, research in the area of Slavonic literature will be preferred for one of the three positions.

In addition to conducting their own research, the successful candidates will be expected to contribute to the lively and collaborative research environment of the CML. Such contributions may include: writing blog posts for the website; participating in and organizing reading groups; running workshops and/or conferences, which in addition to a specific focus should have a broad appeal relevant to other Centre members; attending events organized by other Centre members, including those that are not directly tied to the candidates’ own research area; and attending CML-wide events such as annual gatherings bringing together members from both SDU and York. In order to facilitate this, the successful candidates are expected to be based primarily at their home institution (whether SDU or York) during the CML autumn (mid-September – mid-December), winter (February – March), and spring (April – June) terms. Each postdoc based at York will also be expected to spend some time at SDU, and vice versa.

For more information:
Centre for Medieval Literature, www.sdu.dk/cml
Lars Boje Mortensen, Centre Leader, labo@sdu.dk

Application, salary and conditions of employment etc.
Employment as Postdoc is temporary (max. 4 years). Employment stops automatically by the end of the period.

To qualify for the position you must have completed a PhD-degree by the application deadline.
The jobdescription will be mainly research, additionally there will be teaching to a certain extent and other tasks to a limited extent.
The university will determine the distribution between the various tasks. The extent of the tasks can vary over time.
An upgrade of pedagogical qualifications is not part of the position. Thus employment as Postdoc cannot stand alone as a qualification for later employment as associate professor/senior researcher.
Applications will be assessed by an expert committee. Applicants will be informed of their assessment by the Faculty.

As part of the overall assessment of the applicant’s qualifications, an interview may be applied. For this  post the shortlisted candidares will be invited to an interview in Paris on June 7.

Appointment to this position may also include teaching obligations in regard to related degree programmes.

The successful applicant will be employed in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations), Cirkulære om overenskomst for Akademikere i staten 2015
Applications should be sent electronically via the link “apply online”.
Please note that we only accept files in pdf-format no more than 10 MB per file. We do not accept zip-files, jpg or other image files.
All pdf-files must be unlocked and allow binding and may not be password protected.
In case you have more than one file per field you need to combine the pdf-files into a single file, as each field handles only one file.
The Faculty expects applicants to read the information “How to apply” before applying.
Application and all appendices must be in English.
Material in any language of publication relevant for the field will be assessed. Please always include a copy of original diploma/certificates.

An application must include:

  • Application (cover letter including a research proposal, in all max 5 pages)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certificates/Diplomas
  • Information on previous teaching experience, please attach as Teaching portfolio
  • List of publications indicating the publications attached
  • Up to 3 of the most relevant publications. Please attach one pdf-file for each publication. For any publication with a co-author, a co-author statement must be submitted as part of the pdf-file.

We recommend that as an international applicant you take the time to visit Working in Denmark where you will find information and facts about moving to, working and living in Denmark, as well as the International Staff Office at SDU.
The University wishes our staff to reflect the diversity of society and thus welcomes applications from all qualified candidates regardless of personal background.

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