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קול קורא // כנס: פרספקטיבה גלובלית על גזענות, אנטישמיות ולאומיות [פרארה 09/18] דדליין=20.5.18

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Global perspectives on racism, antisemitism and nationalism

European Sociological Association
RN31 Ethnic Relations, Racism and Antisemitism
Global perspectives on racism, antisemitism and nationalism
Mid-term conference Ferrara, 5-6 September 2018 University of Ferrara (Italy)
Department of Human Sciences – Urban Studies Laboratory
The ESA Research Network 31: Ethnic Relations, Racism and Antisemitism invites submissions of abstracts for its biannual mid-term conference. The conference will be held from 5 to 6 September 2018 at the University of Ferrara, Italy.
We will hold sessions that focus on theoretical, methodological and empirical aspects of research on antisemitism and racism, also in a comparative framework. The network’s perspective is to bridge an exclusive divide between the understanding of antisemitism and of racism, exploring the correspondences and affinities, but also the differences and contrasts. Our over-arching question is to understand what are the material conditions and the social, political and historical contexts shaping variations in antisemitism and racism, across time and across different European and global contexts.
Besides papers on general theoretical approaches to antisemitism and racism, we are particularly interested in papers that address global processes of racialization and nationalization and focus on how these dynamics are locally scripted and sculpted by global, large, planetary processes of exploitation, appropriation and dispossession. This also concerns an analysis of how the consequences of global crises, economic as well as ecological, are racialized.
Our special concern lies in (but is not limited to) the following issues. A perspective on the gendered dimensions of all these issues is most welcome:
  • Theoretical/conceptual and methodological approaches to the actuality of antisemitism and racism in a global perspective.
  • Racial colonialism and the emergence of Capitalism in Western Europe
  • Theoretical and empirical studies on environmental racialization, food racism and energy racism
  • Appropriation of natural resources and racialized labour
  • Neo-liberalism and politics of racialization
  • Racism and Antisemitism in post-colonial approaches
  • Anti-Romany racism
  • Antisemitism and anti-Muslim resentment in European extreme-right movements
  • Racism, antisemitism, fascism, and authoritarianism
  • Nationalism and racism: old frames for new dynamics
  • Antisemitism, Jihadism and Islamism
  • Racism, antisemitism, nation, class and gender – intersectional approaches
During the sessions, each speaker will have 20 minutes. All presentations will be made in English.
During the Conference a roundtable on the issue of “The weakness of Anti-racism in fighting the new emerging forms of global racism” will take place.
Please send an abstract including eventual institutional affiliation to the local committee of the mid-term conference:
Alfredo Alietti (alfredo.alietti@unife.it) Dario Padovan (dario.padovan@unito.it)
Deadline: 20 May 2018
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