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הזדמנות // מלגה: מענק ויוויאן פרינס למחקר במוזיאון למורשת יהודית [ניו יורק] דדליין=2.4.18

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CFA: The Vivian G. Prins Fellowship 2018 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust is pleased to offer a fellowship for emigrating scholars, artists, museum professionals, and researchers through a grant from The Vivian G. Prins Foundation. The grant is in honor of Bronia Brandman, a survivor of Auschwitz and one of the Museum’s earliest and most steadfast volunteers. The Vivian G. Prins Fellowship Program is an opportunity in multidisciplinary fields to conduct research, engage in scholarly exchange, take part in public workshops, seminars, related collaborations and art installations, and to provide emergent and established experts from around the world with opportunities for professional development and training in the United States. Fellows will receive a stipend of up to $48,000 during a one year residency at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust working on projects relevant to the Museum.
The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust is New York’s contribution to the global responsibility to never forget. The Museum is committed to the crucial mission of educating diverse visitors about Jewish life before, during, and after the Holocaust. The Museum offers a specialist library and a vast testimony collection open to Fellows as well as partnerships with academic and cultural institutions in the New York region. Fellows’ time will be devoted to furthering their own research and developing adjacent projects related to the work and collections of the Museum, such as conference planning, public programming, or exhibition preparation. Fellowship participants will develop first-hand experience, expertise, and confidence on which to base an interpretive career in museums, whether as museum curator, expert-in-residence or museum educator. The fellowship serves as a valuable first step for those seeking integration into North American cultural and academic institutions.
Responsibilities of the Prins Foundation Fellow
Conduct work onsite at the Museum to both further the Fellow’s own scholarship and collaborate with Museum staff on projects and programming.
Deliver public presentations to showcase work to the broader community.
Acknowledge the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust and the Prins Foundation in all publications resulting from the Fellowship.
Submit a final report and an evaluation upon completion of the Fellowship.
This fellowship is open to foreign scholars from outside North America who are early in their careers and who seek permanent positions in the United States and Canada. Israeli citizens are not eligible.
The applicant is responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa for acceptance of the stipend for the duration of the fellowship. The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust is not a visa-granting institution, but will help facilitate the visa application process.
Requirements for application
Please complete the online application at mjhnyc.org/prins2018
The online application requires the following: a cover letter; curriculum vitae; a detailed project proposal; at least three professional recommendations; and an essay articulating why s/he wishes to emigrate and what s/he hopes to accomplish after concluding the fellowship.
Application schedule
Application deadline: April 2, 2018
Announcement of Fellowship recipients: June 15, 2018
Commencement of Fellowship period: September 1, 2018
Conclusion of Fellowship period: August 31, 2019
Applications are to be submitted online: mjhnyc.org/prins2018
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המוזיאון למורשת יהודית, ניו יורק, ארה"ב
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