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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס הבינלאומי השנתי ה-8 של החברה לאגן הים התיכון הימי-ביניימי. בנושא: להיות אנושי - מקצבים, פעולות ואינטרקציות באגן הים התיכון בימי הביניים [אדינבורו 06/24] דדליין=14.1.24

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Rhythms, Actions, Inter-actions in the Medieval Mediterranean

University of Edinburgh, UK

24 –27 June 2024

The theme of the Eighth International Conference of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean (SMM) is ‘Being Human: Rhythms, Actions, Inter-actions in the Medieval Mediterranean’.

Scholars are invited to explore the ‘human’ histories of the Mediterranean, especially the multifaceted interactions which took place in and around the sea from quotidian and cross-cultural perspectives. Attention will be paid to the rhythmic and cyclical nature of human activity in the Mediterranean and in the maritime cities and towns surrounding it.

We invite papers that examine the theme from different disciplinary perspectives, including History, Archaeology, Literature, Linguistics, Art History, Religious Studies/Theology, among others. We welcome research papers that, through the analysis of diverse types of sources, apply innovative approaches and stimulate debates that will enhance our understanding of individual and collective perceptions and experiences of human interactions in and across the medieval Mediterranean.

Topics of the conference could include, but are by no means limited to:

– Cross-cultural contacts, interactions, assimilation and/or conflicts

– Rhythms of activity, e.g., sailing seasons, fishing and farming, markets, and the impact of natural conditions

– Religious interactions, e.g., of pilgrims, missionaries, travellers and scholars

– Diplomatic interactions, e.g., of emissaries, translators and merchants

– Daily interactions, e.g., love, sex, marriage, family, friends and neighbours

– Military interactions, e.g. of mercenaries and crusaders

– Interactions between peoples of the Mediterranean and the wider world

– Slavery, liberty and captivity

– Pirates, renegades and rule-breakers

– Migration, movement and settlement

– Material evidence of exchange and interactions

– Construction and/or deconstruction of ‘identities’

– Narrative, visual and materials depictions of the everyday and the commonplace

Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals for panels of three 20-minute papers each for 1.5 hour sessions, and should nominate a chair. We will do our best to accommodate applications for individual papers but panels will be prioritised.


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