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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי ה-50 של החברה ללימודים ארמניים [בוסטון 09/24] דדליין=1.2.24

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Society for Armenian Studies (SAS) 50th Anniversary Conference: Armenian Studies: Evolving Connections and Conversations

September 14-16, 2024

Harvard University & National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR)

The Society for Armenian Studies (SAS) is pleased to announce that it will mark its Fiftieth Anniversary with a major in-person conference jointly hosted by Harvard University and the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR). Titled Armenian Studies: Evolving Connections and Conversations, the conference will take place on September 14-16, 2024.

We invite scholars of any discipline engaged in Armenian Studies to submit a paper proposal. Specialists at all career stages working in fields traditionally associated with Armenian Studies and those that connect Armenian Studies to, and are in conversation with, related areas of research are encouraged to apply. These points of connection and conversation include—but are not limited to—the study of diaspora, migration, and forced displacement; collective violence, trauma, memory, and genocide; race and ethnicity; women, gender, and sexuality; environment; transnational and global mobility of people and ideas; art, architecture, and material culture; print and other established and emerging foci. Innovative approaches that embrace cross-cultural and inter-regional perspectives encompassing the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh, and the global Armenian diaspora are particularly welcome.

Our goals include a reflection on the Society’s fifty-year history, recognition of the contributions of eminent scholars who have recently passed away, an examination of the vibrant intellectual paths taken today by the diverse members of our interdisciplinary field, a consideration of the connections and conversations that continue to shape our study of the Armenian experience, and an open-forum discussion of the future trajectories of Armenian Studies writ large.


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