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הזדמנות // מלגה: לחוקריםות בכל רמות המחקר לשהות בת שנה במכון למדעי הרוח [נורוויץ', קונטיקט] דדליין=1.2.24

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Fellowship Opportunities

The UConn Humanities Institute invites applications for residential fellowships. Fellowships offer a stipend, office space, and all the benefits of a Research I university. Just as important, we offer community and time for scholars to write, argue, engage, and create.

We invite and welcome fellowship applications from scholars in all disciplines and encourage applications to articulate clearly the project’s value to the humanities. Projects may contribute to scholarly knowledge or to the general public’s understanding of the humanities. Recipients are expected to produce scholarly articles, a monograph on a specialized subject, a book on a broad topic, an archaeological site report, a translation, an edition, or other scholarly tools. These fellowships do not support projects to study teaching methods or theories, surveys of courses and programs, or the preparation of institutional curricula. These fellowships cannot be deferred.

UCHI offers residential fellowships each academic year in three categories:

  • Visiting Humanities Fellows (external)
  • UConn Humanities Faculty Fellows (internal)
  • UConn Humanities Dissertation Scholars


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