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קול קורא // למושבים בכנס: הקונגרס העולמי השנתי להיסטוריה כלכלית. בנושא: אתגרי שוויון וקיימות [לונד 07-08/25] דדליין=31.1.24

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World Economic History Congress 2025 - Equality and Sustainability Challenges

The World Economic History Congress (WEHC) is an international and interdisciplinary event, taking place every third year, placing economic history at its core. The congress appeals not only to economic historians but also to historians, political scientists, management scientists, sociologists, demographers, geographers, anthropologists, ethnographers, psychologists, philosophers, historians of science and technology, and natural and life scientists. Researchers from around the world are cordially invited to participate.

The 20th World Economic History Congress will convene from 28 July–1 August 2025 in Lund, Sweden. The theme for the Congress is Equality and Sustainability Challenges, which highlights some of the central issues facing humanity today and also connects to a broad and diverse range of historical problems. To address both the challenges and to find insights from the historical record for that endeavour, a range of perspectives will be necessary.

The IEHA has a particularly strong desire to attract sessions related to this theme. However, submissions are welcome on the economic and social histories of all places and periods, and on the exploration of varied sources and methods, and on the theory and uses of economic history itself. We also invite members to employ and analyse diverse strategies for representing the past.


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